Fabre Typeface Design
Kaohsiung City Social Housing Illustration
Bright Pingtung Brochure Design
2023 Rabbit New Year Card
Weichung Chen Politician Identity Design
LCY Education Foundation Event Visual Design
KFTV Expo Poster Design
2022 Tiger New Year Card
Meetree Identity Design
Ciaotou Science Park Investment Brochure
Rebirth of Historic Sites Exhibition
Space Industry Forum Poster Design
Rice House Packaging Redesign
2021 Ox New Year Card
RireExpo Motion Graphic
Uppik Package Design
Video Mapping for Cathédrale Sainte-Croix d'Orléans
À domicile
Le Plaisir
Enterrement Animation
Hable Con Ella Title Sequence Design
Journée Portes Ouvertes de Gobelins
USI Corporation CSR Website
Media Killings
Run Away From
Objective & Subjective
Monga Minimalist Poster
Lonely Planet Kaohsiung Tourist Map
Ten Roads in Kaohsiung City Guide Map
Asia’s New Bay Area Brochure
Hofa Industrial Park Identity
USI CSR Brochure Design
2018 Dog Year Calendar
National Taiwan University Illustration
Resusci Anne, Graduation Exhibition
KPLD Logo & Invitation Design
Kaohsiung Trade Park Brochure
Tank Farmer Identity Design
Autoportrait Cover Design
Cypress Essential Oil Packaging
NTU Sportive Bag Series
Lalune Facial Mask Packaging
Sunday Pad Package Design
Finessescape Branding Design
KUBIC Identity Design
Die with Dignity
Crocodile X-lite Backpacker Website
Chongyi Sheltered Workshop Logo Design
Silhueta Identity
Yilan Map Design
Dadaocheng Map Design
Special Topic Presentation
NDHU 2067 Projet
Screen Protector Package Design
Screen Protector Package Design
Aroundless Website Design
Installation Guide Book Design
Think Differently
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